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With my bedroom being nearly finished, my mum and I have decided to turn our attention to our kitchen. We seriously hate our kitchen - I can't explain why but we just do.

It's quite a small space and unfortunately we don't have a window in it so we want to keep things really bright. I think we're going to do out walls and tiles white and then add hints of pastel pink and mint in.

We've already set out sights on a mint green toaster and kettle and picked up some cute tea towels and canvases to hang up.

I'm obsessed with pastel shades right now so I'm really excited to get our kitchen sorted out!

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  1. Turning your attention to your home's kitchen is a great idea. The inspiration you picked looks amazing. If your kitchen is in a small space, make sure to measure every nook and cranny, so you can make the most out of every corner. I'd love to see how it looks after you're done with the redecoration, Lucy. Thanks for sharing! All the best! :)

    Arthur Bryant @ Contractor Express


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