Evolution of Tennis Fashion 1900-1990s

With Wimbledon started (aka the most wonderful time of the year), I thought it was the perfect time to look at tennis fashion. I love seeing how styles change and develop! So grab your strawberries with cream and a glass of Pimms and let's look through the evolution of tennis fashion...

1900s, 1920s.

1900s: In the 1900s, women's fashion was very conservative and tennis followed this trend. Women wore corsets, long, sweeping skirts with belts and long sleeves - I can't imagine it was very practical!

1920s: The 1920s was the flapper era and became known at the 'Jazz Age'. This was reflected in the change in silhouette (it was more loose and free!) and the arrival of drop-waist dresses. Headbands and visors also became more fashionable.

1930s, 1940s, 1950s.

1930s: Silhouettes became more feminine in the 1930s, and a much higher hem was introduced. Skirts and dresses were worn below the knee. Looks became more tailored and pleats were included.

1940s: Katherine Hepburn rejected the traditional skirt and top combination for high-waisted shorts.

1950s: Ladylike elegance apeared again in the 1950s with clinched waists (a nod to Christian Dior's 'new look'), white dresses and demure cardigans becoming popular.

1960s, 1970s, 1980s, 1990s.

1960s: The 'mod mini' became popular in the 60s with hemlines still sitting just above the knee.

1970s: Outfits became much tighter and shorter in the 70s and trends followed the 'disco fever' of the decade. Patterned fabrics and exaggerated collars were worn by players.

1980s: In the 80s, bright yellow tennis balls were introduced to make it easier to see the ball on TV. This saw tennis fashion step away from the traditional all-white outfit (although Wimbledon kept it!) and a palette of pastel shades were made popular.

1990s: Taking inspiration from men's tennis star Andre Agassi, bright colours such as neons replaces the muted pastels. Lightweight fabrics such as nylon and spandex were also introduced - much more practical than the 1900s fashion!

Next up: 2000s tennis fashion, featuring some bizarre outfits (thanks to Serena Williams and Bethanie Mattek-Sands!).

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