Top TV Shows - Part 1

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Something you may not know about me is that I'm obsessed with TV shows. There's nothing better than sitting down to start a new show, and then accidentally watching 10 episodes in a row (this has happened to me multiple times). Some would call it sad, but honestly I think it's impressive that I managed to watch all six seasons of LOST in under a month. Anyway, I thought I'd take you though my top TV shows (excluding comedy and reality).

Agents of Shield
This is my new favourite show. I love Marvel films (I'm obsessed with Captain America) and I was so excited when Agents of Shield was announced, especially because Phil Coulson was going to be the lead character. It's a little slow at the start but after the tenth episode everything starts to come together and leads into two brilliant last episodes.

Bates Motel
So this is supposed be a quite serious horror/thriller show, but I genuinely can't take it seriously. Maybe it's because I can only think of Norman Bates as Charlie from Charlie and the Chocolate factory. Or maybe because they've made Norma Bates ridiculously crazy and over the top. Who knows? Anyway, I really like this show - I think it's really interesting and can be quite funny due to the over top nature of it.

This show is absolutely amazing. I literally could talk about it all day. But instead all I'm going to say is David Tennant is ridiculously good in it and you should all go watch it if you haven't already.

A show about three sisters that are also witches? I'm pretty sure that's all that appealed to me when I started watching this when I was six years old. I remember watching it every day after school for two hours for about 5 years. I also remember crying when it finished - I'm still hoping for a reunion. 

Desperate Housewives
I think this is the first show that I watched from when it started to when it finished - although I probably shouldn't have been watching it at nine years old... This is one of those shows that there a character everyone can relate to whether you're a shopaholic like Gabby, a hopeless romantic like Susan, a clean freak like Bree or a stressed out mum like Lynette. Every season brings a new mystery, and usually a new creepy character that's hiding a huge secret.

Doctor Who
When I say Doctor Who is one of my top TV shows, please note that I mean only series 1-4. It all goes downhill after that. I just love Doctor Who and I'm still not over Rose leaving. If you ignore everything after David Tennant's last episode, it's a brilliant show.

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