San Diego Comic Con 2015

The Arrow cast at Comic Con (Image source - Tumblr)

Every year without fail I wish at was at San Diego Comic Con. Even though I don't get to go, I like to keep up-to-date with everything that's going on. Although there was no Marvel film panels (no Civil War panel!) I still managed to find some highlights to share with you all:

DC TV Panels

  • Arrow: I recently started watching Arrow so I was excited to find out any information on season 4 and Felicity/Oliver. Not only were we treated to finding out who the new villains are, we also got to see the new Green Arrow costume, find out about Felicity and Oliver's relationship, and we were entertained by Stephen Amell's entrance to the panel.
  • The Flash: Much like the Arrow panel, we got confirmation of the season 2 villain for The Flash, as well as the return of the Reserve Flash. The panel also announced some new cast members and characters that will be popping up throughout the series.
  • The Legends of Tomorrow: This is the panel I was most excited about after watching the massive trailer that was released earlier in the year. I love a good spinoff and I can't wait until it airs! I'm glad to hear that Arrow and The Flash will be setting it up in the start of their seasons. There's also speculation that Laurel Lance will play a pretty big part in setting up the team, so it'll be cool to see the dynamic between her and Sara again and how it's changed.

Marvel TV Panels
  • Agents of Shield: Despite the news about the new season - the Secret Warriors, Skye officially changing her name to Daisy and information about a new villain, the thing I most enjoyed about Agents of Shield was the dubsmash wars between the cast and the cast of Agent Carter. Honestly, it was hilarious. The thing I most want to know but we obviously didn't find out - is Jemma Simmons still alive?!
  • Agent Carter: Like we already knew, Agent Carter is moving from New York to LA for season 2 as Peggy tries to solve a murder. After letting go of Steve at the end of the last season it'll be interested to see what frame of mind she's in and if she'll get a new love interest.

AMC Panel
  • The Walking Dead: I don't have much to say about this other than how iconic was that Rick line in the trailer? As my friend Katie said to me, write that on my tombstone please. Also there was a serious lack of Tara and Eugene - I am not happy AMC.

Did you keep up-to-date with SDCC? What were your highlights?

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