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I've been obsessed with Pretty Little Liars for 5 years and tomorrow is finally the day we get some answers. In celebration of this wonderful day, I thought I'd do the PLL tag - I made it up from a few different ones I've seen around so feel free to do it on your own blog/change it to suit yourself. Obviously this has been completed before the finale so it's purely my own speculation (aided by reading theories for hours at a time!)

Who is your favourite character?

I always find this so hard to answer. Right now I love Hanna and Caleb, but other favourites include Mona, Spencer and Jason. I also really liked Wilden but I was the only person that did! I used to really like Toby but I think they've kind of ruined his character a bit.

Who's your least favourite character?
Out of the girls I like Emily the least purely because I don't think she's been given good enough story lines. I've never really liked Paige either!

Who's been your favourite member of the A team so far?
Mona was my favourite! I found her reveal quite shocking, and she's actually one of my favourite characters from the whole show. I love her character development - geeky, popular, A, unstable and back to geeky. Her storylines have been brilliant (I absolutely knew they hadn't killed her off!) and I can't wait to see what's next for her.

What do you think has been the most shocking moment so far?
I think Melissa confession video was quite shocking but I think the most shocking has been the season 5 finale when the liars tried to escape and the dollhouse was in the middle of a forest!

What's the most elaborate theory that you've read?
I've read so many over the years but the most ridiculous one I've read is the Jessica Dilaurentis is the character with the twin. Jessica's twin had her own child, which turned out to be Charles.

Who would surprise you most if they were revealed as A?
I think I'd be surprised if it was Ezra, Toby or Caleb. This is purely because none of them look like a Dilaurentis and they've all had their past and secrets revealed to the girls - so it wouldn't make sense for them to be Charles/A.

Who would disappoint you most if they were revealed as A?
Andrew Campbell! I feel like they've already used him as a diversion, and it would just be boring if it turned out that he was A/Charles. Although he was adopted so it is a possibility...

Who is Red Coat?
I really hope it's still Cece - I loved her! I'm not sure though since she's previously been Red Coat. I'd like to think it could be Sara as well - we don't really know if she was in the doll's house for the whole time she was missing. I think it would be interesting if she was actually working for A - and Red Coat turned up when she left Rosewood again!

Who is Black Widow?
If I didn't think Jessica was really dead I would say her but I'm going to go with Melissa. Especially because Ali had a thing with Ian and she'd want her revenge.

Who killed Bethany?
I definitely think A killed Bethany thinking it was Alison.

Who killed Marion?
This is a hard one but I think it might have actually been Bethany.

Who is A?
I'm so ready for it to be Wren. I've read so many theories about it being Wren and I honestly think he's the best fit. Especially because A stole the game from Mona and he turned up at Radley when she was admitted. A lot of people think he's too obvious a choice, but I think that's only because we've all been looking for clues. To the casual viewer I think he'd definitely be a shocking A, particularly because he's not been seen since season 4.

So there we have it, my predictions for the finale. Do you watch Pretty Little Liars? What do you think of my predictions?

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