It Is Your Birthday.

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Hello everyone! This post in kind of a two in one - an 'it's my birthday' (also well done if you get the reference in the title!) and a 'sorry I've haven't been posting as much but I'm super busy'.

Anyway, birthday first. Today is the day I turn 20! By the time this goes up I'll have already opened up presents from my mum and dad and will be just leaving the house for my 9am start at university. For some reason I always end up with 9am starts on my birthday, and today I even have a presentation in my seminar - super fun stuff! Hopefully I'll be home for 1pm though and my birthday celebrations can continue...

Secondly, I haven't been able to post as much/write new posts recently. University has completely taken over my life - who knew third year would be so hard? On top of seminar prep, I have one essay and two groups reports due in the next 5 weeks. All of my time is spent doing university work, or being too tired to do anything other than watch TV. I'm hoping once my essay is out the way I'll have a bit more time and can start scheduling posts again, but until then it's be pretty scarce around here!

So now that's my little mini-update done, I'm off to go eat some cake...

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